Sunday, April 13, 2008


I kept thinking all sometimes it just feels good to exist. You don't have to go shopping, or cut the yard, or do the taxes... or do anything at all. Just sit there and let the sun shine on your face. Or drink a cold beer. Or pet your dog without thinking about anything at all. And Bill, there is nothing better than just existing with you. I love it when we watch a dumb movie...with a dumb story line...while we are holding hands. I love you. I love existing with you.

I am listening to the Decemberists right now (The crane wife) and The Shins. Both awesome. I am just existing. With Sadie, my little brown dog, who is existing beneath my feet while I rock out to The crane wife 3. I am smiling out at all of you. Have a great night...existing.

IF: Fail

Melinda failed to decide what shoes to wear on Wednesday with her blue, flouncy dress. So she just went bare footed.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

IF: Save

Black handed Susan saved a small daisy in her book of pressed flowers.