Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The perfect Saturday on a Wednesday

I think today would be the perfect Saturday. It's cold. Its raining. It's gray. This morning before I left, my husband, who will be home today had a roaring fire in our fireplace. Perfect for robes and slippers, pancakes and good hot coffee. A good book or movie, our sweet dog and a quilt on the sofa. Ahhhh...but its a work day. I made my way into downtown to the office and it feels good inside. I am glad to be sheltered from the cold rain. The building is decorated with lots of greenery and big red, velvety bows. Outside, in the dim morning, the trees that line the driveway to our building are strung with hundreds of white lights. They look festive. Somewhere in the office a radio plays faintly. The eggs and bacon are cooking in the bistro and the aroma weaves its way through the lobby. I grabbed a couple of oranges for breakfast. A few pecans and a cup of Chai. Today is unfolding.Even gray days can be warm and welcoming.