Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Would you like to reduce your gas cost?

I don't know about you, but I am really angry about gas prices. Since there is no really good reason why the prices are high, other than to line some pockets, it is so very hurtful to us that work so hard every day to earn a living only to spend it on more gasoline.

Would you like to lower your gas cost? Here are some ideas.

Idea #1
I have started a carpool at work. Right now, there are three of us. So we are saving money and not putting more money into the pockets who propose to steal our hard earned money. We already give it to them with the price of our goods. We give it to them every time we fill up. We don't have to take it lying down. By carpooling, you remove vehicles from the congested road ways. You remove the pollution of x number of drivers.You SAVE MONEY! You conserve energy. You do an honorable thing, in MANY ways.

Idea #2
Talk to your company/supervisor about working from home. Not only will you save MONEY, you will conserve energy, and help de-congest the crowded roadways. Some companies have gone to a four day work week...we all should.

Idea #3
such as a bicycle, walking, running even travel by bus. Try to reduce the amount you get in your car a drive. If there is a store nearby and you can walk instead of drive, do it. Not only will you get more healthy from the exercise, you will save energy and gas.

If you have any great ideas to help us keep from spending our money on gasoline, then BY ALL MEANS...COMMENT!

Thoughts for the day