Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hating Winter

Every year we travel to Destin Florida for relief. Relief from the grind. Relief from life. We go there to LIVE. We love the warmth, the trip, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the fun in the sun. I catch myself thinking of it on a night like this. The weather here is awful right now. It's 33 degrees and raining cats and dogs. SOOOOO cold and brown. It was a dark day, no sunlight. I am wistfully thinking of the groundhog and spring. There has been a bit more light every day on the way home from work. It is promising. I am dreaming of a sweet spring, full of sunlight and flowers. Right now, I am curled up with my dog, by the fire (which I can't leave for a second), watching the end of the superbowl. We had homemade tacos today, and even went out to brave the bitter cold rain. (It rained in my ear!) Spring and Summer, I am ready for you. So ready.