Sunday, October 11, 2009

fox smitten

I've added more recommended music and blogs...enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sleepy Head Sadie

Aaaawwww, she's a sweet little sleepy head.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

All words and no picture

I have been absent from blogging this week so far. I have been in the middle of painting my bathroom. Whoa what a mess! I will show you a picture of it when its done!
For such a little room, there is a whole lot to do in there. All week, I have felt like I've been living in a hotel. Every morning collecting all my stuff and going in my bath and then taking it all back out again. For a couple days, getting ready for work with a shop light! Even though there is another bath, I am attached to mine. All my stuff is in the cabinet there. I am on a quest for the perfect shower curtain. Its an old fashioned, smallish bath that was covered originally from head to toe with dark, forest green. (Yes, we thought we would be good fixer-uppers when we bought our house. Turns out we are really good procrastinators!) Not that I don't like forest green, but the room was just too small for such a bold color. It kind of felt like a cave. Now it looks like a completely different room! It's a buttery yellow all over now, and looks like a sunny day. Just my style. I ragged the walls and now I would like to add accent colors. I am thinking of a rusty red, or a brick red, sage green, yellowy gold. So, no time to do any art this week, but still having fun painting! Next week, I will be back at painting again.