Sunday, October 26, 2008


Treasures from a garage sale this past weekend. I have collected antique post cards for years. I especially love the 1909 Pink Happy New Year card. It is embossed with lace and shamrocks in gold.100 years old this year! These kinds of things have such a mystique to them. Who kept this post card all these years and why did they? Who picked it out and sent it to someone they loved? Who received it and treasured it and kept it tucked away in a book or drawer for years. Who found it and gave it away? Who collected it and held it their hands and loved it? I think of all these things when I look at something old. I love old books, photos, letters, postcards,and nostalgic bits and pieces.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wonderful things from Etsy

Hi All! I am so excited that I received these absolutely adorable ear rings from "Beads by Evelyn" today! Be sure to take a look at her shop...there are so many beautiful pieces! Thank you Evelyn, you are SO sweet! Big hug to you! My box got here lightning fast, and was wrapped up so cute with a bow. I LOVE them...I am going to wear them tomorrow with my new green sweater.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Illustration Friday: Late

As it grew late into the evening, all of the creatures of the land scurried to bed. Into their little hideaways they went. The sun was sinking silently between the two great hills, about to disappear completely into the vast sea. Just before it was swallowed away, the sun turned everything to gold. Then everything would become a shade of purple, blue or black. And the husssshhhhhhhh of night would begin.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Carving Out Spaces

Apparently sitting in a box outside is better than just sitting outside.

And Apparently my space is um....her space. I don't mind sharing. We like to have our spaces. I was home sick today. First time in a long time I have been sick (with the exception of the toothache). I slept and read alot. I am feeling better. Probably about 85 percent. Well, here is part of my space. I neaten it up..and then mess it all up again.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Illustration Friday: Strings

Thrifty finds, my beloved and a music review

I have been listening to The Be Good Tanyas (pictured above) and I will recommend them to you if you like folk music Bluegrass style, with a little percussion. Songs so beautiful they will make your heart ache. I listen with goosebumps. I am in love with the sultry, smooth and silky voice of Frazey Ford. And then there are the vocal harmonies that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. The three girls that make up the group are Frazey Ford, Sam Parton and Trish Klein. I can listen to every song on Chinatown and want to listen again. I was incredibly lucky this weekend in my thrift shopping (garage sales). This pile of birch wood from a woman who used it as decoration in her fire place. I think its very beautiful. Birch wood has a mystical quality to it. It makes me think of dreamy forests with fairies and mossy carpet floors. I do not know what I plan to do with it yet..but I can dream.
More treasures.
On the subject of Beloved, here is the best looking chocolate I have ever seen. My Sadie. Our Sadie. It is such a gift to know her. She lays her head across my shoulders while I am sleeping. She follows me into every room I go to just to be near. She sleeps at my feet, sometimes breathing fitfully in her doggie dreamland. She is so happy to have me home that she cannot contain herself as she leaps into the air and cries happily. She is so precious to us. I love her so.My beloved, lifelong friend. Interesting how an instrument can seem like a friend. But when it fits like a glove, and the sound is sweet to you...its a good old friend.