Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Flavor of Memphis

Memphis with its many art and music festivals hosted the wonderful River Arts Festival this weekend. The festival was on Main street and featured a number of music venues including blues, rock and bluegrass. The street was teeming with artists tents full of unique, vibrant art from all over the country. Painting, sculpture, jewelry and textile artists showcased their wares for all of Memphis to see.Still open today, (Sunday) you can come in free, grab a beer and a barbeque and listen to some awesome Memphis Music. Yesterday late afternoon, the Reba Russel Bandcaptivated an audience on a grassy hill where no one could keep from at LEAST tapping their toes (some let the music take them over and dance wildly!) as the smoky blues rythms floated out into the street toward the Mighty Mississippi. Just a couple of blocks away, you can get a spectacular view of the River. Historical Buildings surround you as you stroll down the sunny fall colored streets.
The Lorraine Hotel