Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Glitter obsessed

I must admit, I am glitter obsessed. Glitter can just go in anything as far as I am concerned. It looks good on art, clothes, cars, shoes, barrettes, women, greeting cards, the list goes on. So I saw some glitter the other day for sale on a web site. It was pure silver german glass glitter that tarnishes with age. Does that not sound magnificent? I LOVE this web boutique!
Check out One Hundred Wishes I have been thinking about that glitter ever since. I will probably eventually die if I don't have it. Today I went to the local craft store and bought some glitter...compliments of Martha..pretty nice. Big jars in fantastic colors...pewter, bronze, dark cherry red, the mintiest green..I bought two colors, the dark red and bronze. Something is going to get glittered up.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday at 1:30

I'm at work. It is one of those days where there is a lull between projects. I have been going through an interesting book I found called "Artful Blogging" put out by Somerset Studio. It is inspiring. There are so many great artists, writers, poets, musicians, and the like out there showing themselves to the world. I think its awesome. Just thought I would give a list of things I picked up to read or am presently reading at the moment.

1. above mentioned Artful Blogging
2. July/August How magazine
3. July/August Print magazine
4. Juxtapose magazine
5. Einstein His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson

I am terrible at keeping up with things. I love plants..but I can only have the ones that wilt when they need water. Otherwise, I get so focused on other things..the next thing I know the plant is dead. I feel horrible. I bought a fake palm tree at Target..its very cool and you can't even tell its not real! I have not blogged in something like 4 months. During this time, I have completed several very large scale projects at work, gotten married, and a multitude of other smaller tasks.

So, yes, I am very happy to be married to my husband (boyfriend for 4 years)! We go great together. We are polar opposites.
He is loud, outgoing and exciting. I am laid back, calm and intensely focused. We bring out the best in one another.

So, when I am away from creativity for a while, I start to long for it. I have not created anything (except work) for several months. I was looking at this blog by Juju Vail at http://jujulovespolkadots.typepad.com about how she keeps a smaller scale paint set out and ready to bring with her so she can paint everyday. I would like to set a goal like that for myself. I am working on a few large projects right now..and when they are done, I will try to organize and get ready to try it. So long for now..off to dream about the future.