Sunday, September 26, 2010

A NEW HOUSE! (5 tips for re-inventing your living space)

Okay, (new house) not really. I read an article the other day that explained that during our tough economy, many people were feeling the need to renovate their homes. Funny, because I have a few friends (like me) that have all decided its time for a (for lack of a better word) RE-DO. It's not really a renovation, but it's an overhaul. So...we have purged. We actually dumped most everything in our living room to start anew. I am really excited! BUT... when you do this, it can turn into confusion quickly. What furniture to get? What colors should we start with? What style do I really love the most? What should I buy second-hand, and what should I buy new? I came to the conclusion that I only want to own things that I REALLY LOVE. If you are thinking about a re-do, here are some suggestions.

1. Get rid of anything that you have sitting around your house that doesn't suit you or your current convictions. I know, I know, Aunt Linda gave you that silver tray that you have on your side table. Wrap it up and put in closet storage and get it out when Aunt Linda comes. Just because mom gave it to you doesn't mean that its got to live permanently in your living room.

2. Go to Desire to Inspire and Apartment Therapy and other good interior design sites and find rooms that really float your boat. This will help you decide what colors and styles you should use.

3. Only buy things that you LOVE. Don't buy something second hand just because its cheaper, go ahead an spring for things that you really love. If you feel lukewarm about something you've spotted, don't get it, just let it go, something better will come along.

4. Sometimes an outside opinion might be required. If so, you can ask honest friends or, my new friend Pam at How To Run Your Life*. My living room re-do can be found being discussed on her fabulous blog! New people or friends often have ideas that you had not thought of, so it can be very helpful to discuss your project with others.

5. Finally, be patient and have fun! You do not have to be in a hurry. (Unless you absolutely cannot bear to have a part of your home in transition) Spend some time and choose carefully. This helps eliminate wasted money and time. Have fun with your project, it doesn't have to be a drag!

Sometimes you really have to pinpoint what it is that you love about a room. Is it full of books and you are a bookworm? Are the throw pillows and rugs a color that you have loved, but never really used in your decor? Are the walls brilliant colors that you have never been brave enough to commit to?

Here are some rooms that I find inviting and inspiring. From Flickr. (Links to photostreams appear underneath images)


My Living room

Former living room now dining room
Water Tower Pisan

So, now I am off to get some paint.


Pamela said...

Look at you! an expert already! Thanks for the shout out and so happy to help. AND: I'm in the purge phase now, too, in living/dining /study... pictures to come...


SOFIA said...

хорошие блоги!))

sarah said...

so nice living rooms. I am, sarah, fan of all good decorating ideas :) thanks for these

jensdesign772 said...

Thanks Sarah! I love the decorating ideas blog too!